Why Save BAREC?

15 Reasons Why We Should Save BAREC!!!

This area of Santa Clara County needs a park and BAREC is right in the middle of the district! Have a look at the county map.

Here is another example of an organic farm in the middle of dense urban living: Fairview Gardens.

Download our general two page flyer to quickly learn about the land and its importance and to share with others in the community.

"This site should receive national historical status."
--Lori Garcia, Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission and author, Santa Clara From Mission to Municipality

Research and Education:
"If this parcel of land has the agriculture zoning removed, it would not only be a tragic loss to the community's heritage and its future, but also close the door to any opportunities we may have in the future to pursue our research and education work in the Santa Clara Valley."
--Dr. Carol Shennan, Director of UC Santa Cruz's Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

Research done on BAREC.

Please review our presentation to Santa Clara County Supervisor Jim Beall in September 2005. Also look at our ideas on how this land can be used based on what UC Santa Cruz has done with their financially stable, self sustaining, and income generating Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) program, including their children's Life Labs area.

We also presented to the Santa Clara County Board of Education. See the presentation here.

List of the many supporters.

Quotes from well known individuals

See what type of bird wildlife exists at BAREC as seen by bird experts.

Visit www.NotCaserta.org for Caserta info.

Visit www.NorthOfForest.org for information about the North of Forest neighborhood.

A few examples of what BAREC used to do:
- Master Gardeners - Blueberry Picking - 1997
- Hosts Turf and Landscape Field Day - 1999
- MetroActive article on the bad "deal" - 2000
- Master Gardener Open House - 2001
- Rainfed Oat test - 2002
- Rainfed Common Wheat test - 2002

Future Programs:
Examples of Needed Programs

Download[6MB] Sharon's McCray's BAREC History PowerPoint, updated February 2005.

Compilation of documents supporting UC Center Land as fulfilling requirements to be a Historical Landmark by Sharon McCray.

Read a letter sent to Santa Clara Mayor Mahan in August 2003 from Master Gardener Sharon McCray, showing how BAREC can be saved, supported, and sustained. Click here to download

Open Space:
"Our recent poll shows that 8 out of 10 people in Santa Clara Valley are concerned about the lack of open space in the Santa Clara Valley."
--Bob Gerard, Attorney and Retired Stanford Professor, February 2004

“Land is a non-renewable resource. It would seem shortsighted to make a dollar at the expense of what has been a resource for the greater community.”
--Vicki Moore, Greenbelt Alliance

"Open space raises property values."
--Daniel Press, author of Saving Open Space, Professor Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz

Read the Silicon Valley Business Journal article on how agricultural open space helps a community as a whole.
--Kathryn Mathewson, January 2003

Chicago did a Millennium Park Economic Impact Study that shows the value of having open space.

Food Safety:

"The Future of Food,"
produced and written by Deborah Koons Garcia

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Location of BAREC:
Santa Clara County map; Santa Clara City map; Santa Clara Street map

For comments or questions, please email us at: info@savebarec.org.