What is the issue?

Watch the videos and see/hear what the Mayor and Council members said when BAREC was on the agenda on April 26, 2005. This information is very enlightening and proves no final decisions have been made regarding BAREC.

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To see all of the events that have taken place over the past four years, please click here to read about the timeline for the sale of the BAREC property. You will be amazed about what has taken place.

February 2004: Notes/summary of the latest Santa Clara City Council Meeting on February 10, 2004.

This 17 acre open space will be lost forever because the state intends to sell the land to a developer who will replace the open space with high density housing.

There have been no plans to relocate or recreate the facilities or preserve any of it's historic value to the community. This land has served the public since 1886.

Dumping public land to private developers is a betrayal of what our government represents. If this land is sold, many programs to improve our community will never return.

The traffic and parking problems already observed by other new housing developments such as Santana Row will be compounded with the developer's intentions for BAREC.

"In the summer of 2002 our City did a study of where to place Santa Clara's required housing for the next five years. This study showed that BAREC was not needed for this required housing."
--Patricia Mahan, Santa Clara City Mayor

"The City [Santa Clara] loses money with housing as it is costly to maintain it."
--Geoffrey Goodfellow, Santa Clara City Director of Planning, stated this on January 2003 in front of 300+ people at a community meeting.

"We can't withhold zoning arbitrarily, unless you want to subject this City to a lawsuit that will bankrupt it...and, it's just not going to happen, and I'm sorry to say, that's just the reality of it."
--Patricia Mahan, Santa Clara City Mayor, April 26, 2005 at the Santa Clara City Council Meeting
See her on video here:
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"The State has never challenged a city on a zoning issue."
--Jeff Crone, Senior Real Estate Officer, California State Dept. of General Services.
Note: that Dan Potash is the State’s consultant in charge of selling BAREC and his boss is Jeff Crone.

Santa Clara City Mayor Mahan speaks on public television about BAREC and wants to preserve it!

Environmental Concerns with David Bonasera
Where: Comcast Community Television
When: October 12, 2004
> Santa Clara City Mayor Patricia Mahan
> Terry Trumbull (environmental lawyer)
> Shiloah Ballard (Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group)
> Kathryn Mathewson (SaveBAREC, Secret Gardens)
> Cameron Colson (California Compliant)
> Joe Cernac (Sierra Club Guadalupe Group in Santa Clara Valley)

This Comcast TV program has two half-hour segments. If you would like to see it in its entirety, we would be happy to share it with you and/or your neighborhood and friends. Please contact us at: info@savebarec.org or 408-292-9595.

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What Santa Clara City Mayor Mahan said:

"To have 17 acres reserved as open space would be magnificent. I do not know that anyone of us sitting here today would argue that fact." Listen to her

"If the county would step forward and say we will join with the City of Santa Clara and purchase some of that [land] or if the City of San Jose wanted to contribute, it would be marvelous." Listen to her

"There is no [BAREC] plan yet....The conceptual plan is, is just like a placeholder. The City Council has done nothing to approve a plan. We have not even seen a plan." Listen to her

See/hear two minutes in her own words.
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