"The greatest making of the future will be from a small piece of land." Abraham Lincoln

Santa Clara City Council Meeting
March 7, 2006
BAREC was on the Agenda

BAREC was placed on the agenda by request of Cameron Colson. The meeting was a long one and BAREC did not begin until after 10:00pm. While some people left, many stayed and shared their opinions. Unfortunately, the citizens were only given two (2) minutes to speak (normally, people are given three minutes). This was not a banner meeting and some comments were not presented as well as they could or should have been, but such is a public meeting.

The entire 27 minute section of the meeting is available via video below. Additionally, we have broken-up the video into multiple segments, allowing you to easily see specific testimony from the City Staff and citizens, making it easier to hear the information you are interested in. Simply click on the person and you will see and hear the video stream to you computer. Hand-outs given at the meeting are linked below each person.

City Introduction:
> Mayor/City Manager Introduction (4 minutes - 2MB)
Citizen comments:
> Cameron Colson (3 minutes - 2MB)
-- Colson's prepared notes
> Kirk Vartan (3.5 minutes - 2MB)
-- Vartan's prepared notes, single story buildings, two story buildings, slides showing similar SummerHill construction compared to neighborhood (presentation)
> Linda Perrine (2 minutes - 1MB)
> Joe Cernac, Sierra Club (1 minute - 600KB)
> Robert Southard (1 minute - 600KB)
> Kathryn Mathewson (2 minutes - 1MB)
-- Mathewson's letter
> Sharon McCray (1.5 minutes - 900KB)
> Jackie Moore (2 minutes - 1MB)
-- Moore's prepared notes

> John Beall, AG inspector (2 minutes - 1MB)
> Angela D'Orfani on cancer in area (2 minutes - 1MB)
> Margo Wixsom (2 minutes - 1MB)

Entire video of the Council meeting:
Complete video (28 minutes - 14MB)

Videos require: Microsoft Window Media

Important Information and Dates

City of Santa Clara's BAREC Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Draft Removal Action Workplan (RAW) web page

Draft EIR letter sent out to citizens within 1,000 feet of the development project on March 9, 2006.

March 9 - Draft EIR released (public comment period begins)
March 22 - Draft RAW released (public comment period begins)
April 6 - Historical and Landmarks Commission
... 7:00pm
... Staff Conference Room, City Hall
April 13 - Public comment of the Draft Removal Action Plan (RAW)
... 7:00-9:00pm
... Westwood Elementary School
... 435 Saratoga Avenue, Santa Clara
April 18 - Parks and Recreation Commission
... 7:00pm
... City Hall Council Chambers
April 21 - Public comment period on Draft RAW closes
April 24 - Senior Advisory Commission
... 10:00am
... Community Recreation Center on Keily Blvd. (before Kaiser Hospital)
April 24 - Public comment period on Draft EIR closes
June 28 (tentative) - Planning Commission Public Hearing, City Council Chambers.
... 7:00pm
... Public meeting on Draft EIR and related development applications
July 18 (tentative) - City Council Public Hearing and Potential Action, City Council Chambers.
... 7:00pm
... Public meeting to consider Draft EIR and related development applications

For comments or questions, please email us at: info@savebarec.org or call 888-BAREC-80 (888-227-3280).
This is a project of VIVA (Valley Initiative for Values in Urban Agriculture and Horticulture) and SaveBAREC