"The greatest making of the future will be from a small piece of land." Abraham Lincoln

Candidates running for Santa Clara Council
Positions on BAREC

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Person Statement
Running for Mayor

John McLemore (website):



Not in favor of current proposal that has both the senior and SummerHill development. Wants to look at halting the existing process and reviewing the facts. Wants to explore other options including agricultural uses.
Patricia Mahan:


We received the following email and provided the following response Patricia Mahan ont October 6, 2006 when she asked to make a statement for this webpage. Having not heard from her yet, we have included the last public positional statement she made regarding the property. This was stated at the April 26, 2005 City Council meeting. You can click on the statement below to watch the video directly and watch her speak the following words (more from that meeting is available here):

"The reality is, the property is going to be developed... and there's nothing we can do to stop it. We can't withhold zoning arbitrarily, unless you want to subject this City to a lawsuit that will bankrupt it...and, it's just not going to happen, and I'm sorry to say, that's just the reality of it."

Running for Seat 2
Karen Hardy:
"I have supported open space in the past. I was on the Historical Landmarks Commission and we were the first commission to vote for the Ulistac Reserve. I have never been against open space. I must be careful about commenting on BAREC because I have the draft EIR to review as a Planning Commissioner."

Dominic Caserta (website):


"I have consistently been an advocate for open space. Since 2000, I fought to keep the BAREC site preserved for public open space. I believe it is in Santa Clara's best interest long term and for future generations to preserve BAREC in public open space, ideally as an agricultural asset to preserve the history of the Valley of Heart's Delight. I have seen evidence that an educational urban farm would be a financially sound way to sustain this land indefinitely, serve the most public good, and would like to further pursue this. As a member of the Santa Clara City Council, I voted in the past to preserve the majority of the land as open space and now believe even more that all of this public land should remain a public asset."
Running for Seat 5

Brian Lowery (website):

"The Bay Area Research and Extension Center, otherwise known as BAREC is a public 17-acre parcel located in the city of Santa Clara. It is currently owned by the state of California and therefore by the citizens of the state. Since the land is public and not private, it is the inherent right of the citizens of the state to determine the eventual use of this land, whether it is for agriculture, recreational or any other usage. The rights of any other entity, claiming otherwise, cannot override the right of due process for the citizens of California.

If I am elected to the City Council of Santa Clara, I will not support any attempt to either subvert or change this process unless and until the citizens cede their right either through a referendum or any other valid due process."
Joe Kornder (website): As a member of the Santa Clara Planning Commission, I will be a participant in the public processes related to the review of the Draft EIR and its series of hearings. I am obligated to maintain a neutral position and come to this process with an open mind. To do otherwise would diminish the integrity of the EIR process.

My published City Council priorities include my intention to work toward achieving a balance between the need for housing, especially affordable housing, and the need to protect/preserve open space.

I trust that your organization will understand and respect the limitations that my position on the Planning Commission places on me. I assure you that I will listen to and work to understand all positions and points of view in this discussion.
Frederick James Clegg: No official comment to SaveBAREC at this time

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