"The greatest making of the future will be from a small piece of land." Abraham Lincoln

Candidates running for San José City Council District 6, Positions on BAREC

Run-off Election with Tedesco and Oliverio on March 6, 2007

Person Statement

Steve Tedesco (website):

San Jose Smart Vote!

SaveBAREC Approved

"Regardless of whether I am in to elected office or not, I support saving the BAREC property, and I pledge to lend my help and support to do so. BAREC is an extremely important piece of open space that needs to be saved, not just for District 6 but for residents in both San Jose and Santa Clara.

When the state first offered the property as surplus property, the city should have worked harder to purchase it based on its open space value, not on its highest possible use value. As a councilmember or a private citizen, I will fight to reopen the decision by the state to sell that property for development.

I am the only candidate that has proven experience working first hand with City Council members in San Jose and surrounding cities to get things done, both through my work with the Boys & Girls Clubs and the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce. When I served on the Campbell Union High School Board of Trustees, I gained experience with intergovernmental land sales when we sold Campbell High School property to the City of Campbell at open space value.

I will use my considerable experience to work with San Jose and Santa Clara council members, in cooperation with the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District, to purchase the BAREC property. The City currently has money in a park trust fund, we must find a way to spend it when property like this become available.

My advocacy for saving open space for future generations goes back to spending time at my grandparent’s ranch above Steven’s Creek dam when I was growing up. My family eventually sold the ranch to the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District so other generations could enjoy its scenic beauty as well. I know first hand the value of having plenty of open space for children and families to play and enjoy the outdoors. This value has stayed with me my entire life, which is one of the reasons that I was so proud the League of Conservation Voters gave me their endorsement."

Pierluigi Oliverio (website):


"I am a supporter for more park space in San Jose. As our city continues to build more housing, our park space continues to diminish. This has got to stop.

If elected, I will advocate that the BAREC site needs to remain open space and be used for an educational urban farm and/or other open space uses. By preserving this land, we will benefit the community.

If elected, I pledge to champion saving the BAREC site. I will educate other San Jose city councilmember’s about the importance of preserving this land. I will also work with Santa Clara City officials Mayor Patricia Mahan, Vice Mayor Kevin Moore and Councilmember Dominic Caserta, County Supervisor Ken Yeager and Assembly member Jim Beall; all of whom are endorsing me for San Jose City Council District 6.

If elected, I will push the city of San Jose to re-evaluate its park reserve funds. Opportunities like BAREC warrant consideration of spending city dollars to preserve it.

It is important to work collaboratively with other entities who will be involved in this matter. I believe that my working relationships with the City of Santa Clara and the state legislature demonstrate my commitment to build consensus in preserving the BAREC site."

For comments or questions, please email us at: info@savebarec.org or call 888-BAREC-80 (888-227-3280).
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